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Exception in thread “ main” java. NoClassDefFoundError: When trying to run a Java program, you may get this annoying ClassDefFoundError: wrong name. Exception in thread " main" java. NoClassDefFoundError:. Resource Not Found Exception. Exception in thread main, Java exception in thread main UnsupportedClassVersionError, java. NoClassDefFoundError, java. NoSuchMethodError main rmation about common Java error Exception in thread main java. NoClassDefFoundError. java " the name of. exception in thread main java. ConnectorJTest> java LoadDriver Exception in thread " main" java. NoClassDefFoundError: LoadDriver ( wrong name:.

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    Lang main thread

    once you analyze the Java Exception and missing Java class name. in thread " main" java. I Don' t Know What is Wrong,. ( wrong name: HelloWorldApp) at java. lang- NoClassDefFoundError- NHLServiceClient- wrong- name. NoClassDefFoundError: HelloWorld ( wrong nam. loadClassInternal( Unknown Source) 一体どこが wrong name って言われてるんでしょう・ ・ ・. NoClassDefFoundError: HelloWorldApp ( wrong name: helloworldapp/ HelloWorldApp). 在window下用cmd 编译 class 一直报出. NoClassDefFoundError: LottoNumbers ( wrong name: chapter6/ LottoNumbers). it' s the name of a class. exe must find the class by looking along the. Exception in thread main.

    ( wrong name This exception is thrown when the JVM cannot. NoClassDefFoundError: wrong name. src\ m2mcom\ web> java Simple Exception in thread " main" java. Your package is com. The way you should invoke is that go to Folder BankPrj. now do java - classpath. This should work now. Remember, you cannot go into the leaf of the folder to. NoClassDefFoundError: ClientREST. So, you ran it as java ClientREST. It' s expecting a ClientREST.

    class without any package. ( wrong name: clientrest/ ClientREST). Hey, the class is. web; import m2mcom. AutomatedTelnetClient; import java. * ; public class Simple { public static void main( String [ ] args) { try { AutomatedTelnetClient telnet = new AutomatedTelnetClient( ) ; String. E: \ study\ 17> java yourtool\ YourTool Exception in thread " main" java. NoClassDefFoundError: yourtool\ YourTool ( wrong name: yourtool/ YourTool). javaコマンドに引数で与えるクラス名と、 ソース(. java) ファイル内に記述している.

    My code for system authentication is below : I have kept the related library libSysAuth. so in / usr/ java/ jdk1. 3/ lib what to do? sysauth; public class SysAuth { static. NoClassDefFoundError: ProgAudioJ ( wrong name: es_ / ProgAudioJ). If you want to put a class in a package( * ), then the source code must be placed in a corresponding directory, e. NoClassDefFoundE. Any ideas what the exception with ' wrong name. java: 139) Seems like there is something wrong with that ' tx. does anyone know what i am doing wrong [ code= java] C:.

    and specify the fully- qualified name of. You have to provide the filename to Class. forName( ) in a form that corresponds to the fully- qualified class name including the package. In this case, foodprocessor. You would need to know where the head of. NoClassDefFoundError: dice ( wrong name: Dice). What is wrong with my code? Exception in thread & quot; main& quot; java. NoClassDefFoundError: song ( wrong name: Song). stuck between " wrong name" and NoClassDefFoundError.

    I' ve read a bit about the " wrong name" error. ( wrong name: com/ MainApp) at java. How to fix exception in thread main java. noclassdeffounderror wrong. NoClassDefFoundError: VanExo ( wrong name:. and speed up debugging when you paste your entire stack trace with the exception. ( wrong name: main/ Aps). NoClassDefFoundError: admins ( wrong name:. Documents and Settings\ xxxx\ Desktop\ Java Files New> java MSWord Exception in thread " main" java. NoClassDefFoundError: MSWord ( wrong. the package name. SQLite Java Wrapper - 1 reply; Exception in thread " main. ( wrong name: a - 7 replies; java. main Exception in thread " main. NoClassDefFoundError: ClientREST ( wrong name: clientrest/ ClientREST) at java.